Bearing That in Mind - final cut


Year of production:2013

Running Time: 7.01 min

Created by Elizabeth Kane and Zoe Silver

A SilverKane Production 


Created as my final product for my hounours degree,  this was the first film from SilverKane Productions. Co-written with Zoe Silver, it is an experimental film where both writers collaborate and work side by side to create one story with two authorial interpretations. 

Contemporary Screen Acting At University Of The West Of Scotland. DRAMA UK RECOGNISED

Year of production: 2011

UWS Contemporary Screen Acting Commercial

Created by Elizabeth Kane

As part of an assessment for my honours degree, I worked with a group to create an advert for the course, as a professional job to create a video for a client. 

The video is now used on the university website and is displayed on screens throughout the building. 

The Castle 

Year of production:2013

Running time 5:07 min

Created by Elizabeth Kane and Cluadette Baker-Park

A SilverKane Production

Directed By Gareth Malone

Co-written with Cluadette Baker-Park, it is the typical story of good cop chases baddie, inspired by old platform computer games of the 80s/90s, playing around with different shots, and timing. 

Studio Lab-week 7

Year of production:2012

Running Time 2:41 min

Created by Elizabeth Kane

Studio Lab Module -  University of the West of Scotland

Week seven from a 12 week experiment to build characters and a believable situation and produce a 45 minute real time live performance. During the rehearsals I chronicled the creative procedure and edited together the highlights from each week to show the progression and development over time. 

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Heading 1

The Mighty Boosh Tribute 

Year of production:2013

Running time:6.38 minutes

Created by Elizabeth Kane and Emma Docerty

Directed by Elizabeth Kane 

Recreation of the hit comedy show The Mighty boosh but with the role reversal of changing the two male characters into females.